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Members of all ages can get help with essays, dissertations, applications, proposals, emails and letters, creative writing, and other writing projects by appointment at the Writing and Communication Station


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For general inquiries such as memberships, events, room reservations, call +974 4454 0100 then choose preferred language and respective extension number. To become a Library member, register here.  
For feedback and suggestions, send them here
For Heritage Library services and collections such as rare Arabic manuscripts, historical photographs, maps and archival documents, complete this form or email
For publishing your research through the Open Access Program, complete this form, email or call +974 4454 0211
For support on research writing, academic writing or creative writing, you may opt to avail one-on-one consultation with our writing specialist.
For general reference questions, submit here. Or, call +974 4454 0100 then choose preferred language and select extension 5. Our reference services are available on the following schedule, and we will address your question as promptly as possible: 
Sundays to Thursdays from 10:00AM to 3:00PM
Saturdays from 10:00AM to 6:00PM
For a 30-minute reference help interview with a librarian (online or in-person), send your request here. Our reference librarians are here to: 
  • Help find and access the materials you need for your research
  • Assist users in efficiently navigating the databases and Library's website to be confident in their own research efforts
  • Guide users on how to effectively use various Library's search tools such as the catalog and discovery search
  • Help users how to conduct search effectively using filters and search strategies
  • Recommend materials, guides and online tutorials on citations and writing available in the Library's collections. For a more guided writing support, you may request a consultation with our writing specialist.

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